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Tequila Talking Theatrical, LLC

Live theatre to inspire, entertain and confound expectations.

Tequila Talking Theatrical, LLC is a full-service production company based out of NYC that specializes in bringing life to new, innovative pieces of theatre.

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Sarah Knapp
Featuring the words and songs of Amy Winehouse

TRANS AM explores the most complex and personal parts of the human experience, through the lens of Lisa Stephen Friday. With stories and songs, Lisa shares her own trans journey as a means of understanding our common human desire for self-actualization and respect while calling out the absurdity of a world obsessed with other-ness. An irreverent new one-woman autobiography, TRANS AM features the music of cult-favorite NYC glam rock band Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday.


Amy Winehouse was a musical phenomenon. Blunt and honest about her struggles, biting and funny in her observations, Back From Black takes us on a thrilling, celebratory, and ultimately redemptive musical journey.

Book by 
d.w. gregory
lyrics by
Sarah Knapp
Music BY
Steven M. Alper

The show must go on—even if you can’t recognize it.  Freely adapted from Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare (who stole the story from an anonymous Italian poet, who probably swiped it from someone else) is the inspiration for this quick-change musical comedy about a theatre troupe embarked on a disastrous tour of the continent.

Written and performed by Douglas Taurel

Experienced stage, film, and television actor, Douglas Taurel performs and tours his powerful solo show, THE AMERICAN SOLDIER. The play is based on real stories and factual accounts from actual Soldiers and family member's letters written from the American Revolution through current-day Afghanistan. It examines the internal struggles and problems soldiers and their families face returning from combat.

               Book, music and lyrics Brett Macias
Additional book/lyrics by Jessica Carmona

A powerful new musical based on actual events. The story follows Hector Gonzalez and his half-sister, Jasmine, as they travel to Costa Rica in search of their father who went missing under mysterious circumstances six years earlier. Set to an eclectic score - Latin sounds covering salsa, mambo, samba, and cumbia, but also, neo-soul, pop, reggaeton, rock, and flat-out bangers - their journey leads them to discover shocking new perspectives on the man they never truly knew, while gaining a deep understanding of both their culture and themselves.

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