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Witness the return of Amy Winehouse, BACK FROM BLACK, In her own words and through her music. Amy -- the soulful singer with a huge heart -- shares her story in this witty, moving performance.

~ The Patch

"Blunt and honest about her struggles, biting and funny in her observations, Back From Black takes us on a thrilling, celebratory, and ultimately redemptive musical journey. 'Amy was about one thing and that was love.' Mitch Winehouse, father. Celebrate her life with this raw, biting, witty and exhilarating musical."

~ Hartford Courant

"The accent. The attitude. The red bustier. The tattoos. The heels. The black trench coat. The hair. Above all, the voice. All these elements are well represented… which brings the British bad-girl pop singer… back to life for a couple of saucy, debauched hours of powerful pop ballads."

~ The Waterbury Repuplican American

"Heartfelt.  Heartbreaking. Courageous."

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