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Trans Am

TRANS AM explores the most complex and personal parts of the human experience, through the lens of Lisa Stephen Friday. With stories and songs, Lisa shares her own trans journey as a means of understanding our common human desire for self-actualization and respect while calling out the absurdity of a world obsessed with other-ness. An irreverent new one-woman autobiography, TRANS AM features the music of cult-favorite NYC glam rock band Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday.

~ The Washington Post

Vivid details anchor the narrative in TRANS AM… you leave with a bracing awareness that the ‘AM’ in the title is both an affirmative first-person verb and also shorthand for a pan-out view of America.”

~ Broadway World

“Tall and confident in a jeans jumpsuit and red sneakers, Friday is unflappable in telling about a life that had more than its share of challenges, not just as a trans woman finding a place in a cold world, but in overcoming heartbreak and alcohol dependence.... Friday is at least as well schooled in theater as she is in rock ‘n’ roll.” 

~ D.C. Metro Theatre Arts

“Lisa Stephen Friday is a compelling storyteller, not least because she is a fine actor. She tells of living a life always on the cusp of change, participating in a character arc the shape and direction of which she doesn’t know at the time. Beyond Friday’s vocal and acting abilities, and the dramatic force of her stories,Trans Am makes a very serious point about the necessity of societal support for transgender people.” 

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